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Web app development

Web app development

Web applications are dynamic websites that reside on remote servers and are accessed by the user’s desktop or smart device via the Internet. Crucially a web-based app does not require the user to download it to their device in order to use it. Web app development covers a myriad of applications. Millennials cannot imagine a life without online banking, social networking, e-commerce, interactive games, online training and CMS…all brought to them via web-based apps.


Mobile app development

Statistics show that currently, the number of smartphone users around the world is 6.6 billion. Experts say that in the next few years, this number will grow by several hundred million. The Apple app store has 2.2 million apps ready for download – the Google Play store near to 3.5 million. Keeping up with this trend, mobile app development is fast becoming the new norm! This new page in the world of the Internet is overtaking other more traditional forms of Web Development. The real magic is in creating apps that foretell a user’s behavioral pattern and that make smart decisions based on data.

Mobile app development
ERP solution & consultant

Industrial solutions & consultant

From smart factory to industrial analytics and remote monitoring using customise enterprise resource planning (ERP). It’s a business process management software that manages and integrates a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, and reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities. Most companies have some form of finance and operational system in place but most of the software that’s out there can’t go beyond everyday business processes or help with future business growth. As company’s needs change and they expand, their systems should keep up with them. We’ll define what ERP is and why it’s smart to have software in place that keeps up with your business needs.


1. Business analysis and documentation

The main purpose of this stage is to create project documentation. Here the functionalities required in the application are well defined.


2. Wire framing

Here we lay out the content and functionality on a page which details the user structure layout and user journeys.

UI / UX design

3. UX and UI design

The goal here is to enhance the user experience that people have while interacting with your application and to make sure they find quality in your products or services.

Backend coding

4. Back-end development

At this stage of the app development, the back-end architecture such as the app server and the database are put in place.

Frontend coding

5. Front-end development

This is the part of the development that a user actually sees. It is also called client-side development. Conversion of data into a graphical interface is achieved in this stage; users can view and interact with that data.


6. Quality check and launch

Before the application is launched into the market, it has to go through a number of quality tests. They are both manual and automated. Here the users’ feedback is used to fine tune the application.

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