Safety Photo+Video

Safety Photo + Video

Keep it safe and secure

Secure Photo

Advanced security lock

Keep your most private images and videos private.


Password Protection

Multiple password options.

Safety Photo lets you password protect your most sensitive media so that prying eyes never see anything you don't want them to see.

Password Protection

All New Design

New user interface with multiple views.

No matter what device you're using, Safety Photo will give you the view you want. Not just how it looks – but also how it works, and how it feels. The interactions are delightful. The animations are smooth. The content is more structured. The concepts are clearer.

All New Design

Dark and Light

Beautiful dark and light modes on all devices.

Safety Photo was designed to accommodate both dark and light appearances. Safety Photo can even change themes automatically with your device's system settings. Or you can choose exactly how HibiDo will appear regardless of the system setting.

Dark and Light Theme



Photo Organizer

Manage and view photo with ease.

Customize your albums any way you like. Edit, sort, move, share, add to favorite, view fullscreen photo and video playback.

Manage Photo




In App Report

Storage statistic, intruder report and file transfer.

Display storage usage and app access reporting for more transparency. With drag and drop files upload and download via local Wi-Fi with web browser or USB Cable using iTunes / Finder.

Statistic Report



Safety Photo+Video

Safety Photo + Video

Secure with Safety Photo Today!

Get protected, privacy, and secure with unauthorized access!

Keep Safe and Secure

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