Phone Drive

Open Any File With Ease And Share File Across Multiple Platforms

Experience the power of an exceptional file management system that enables you to effortlessly view and manage various documents, while also sharing them across multiple platforms on both iOS and Android devices.

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Phone Drive

The Ultimate All-in-One File Manager and File Transfer App

Discover the best-in-class file manager and transfer app that combines robust file management features with seamless file transfer capabilities.

Keep All Files in One Place

Simplify your file management by bringing together all your storage accounts, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, FTP, WebDAV, and Yandex, into one unified location.

Cloud Storage

Manage Multiple Storage Accounts

Effortlessly link and handle multiple storage accounts including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, FTP, WebDAV, and Yandex Disk.

Seamless Multimedia Streaming

Enjoy uninterrupted streaming of videos or music directly from your cloud storage.

Efficient File Operations

Conveniently download or upload files to your cloud storage and perform file operations all within the same application.

Discover and Share Unlimited File

Experience the ultimate sharing app with lightning-fast cross-platform transfer speeds on both iOS and Android platforms.

Fast Transfer

Fastest file transfer using Direct WiFi connectivity

Cross-Platform Support

Support file transfer between iOS and Android device

File Sharing

Easy Discovery

Easy and simple way to discovery nearby devices for sharing

Local Connection

Transfer file only using local connectivity without internet connection

Music Player Video Stream

Experience The Ultimate Music Streaming Experience With an Advanced and Robust Music Player

With the ability to access your favourite tracks from multiple cloud accounts, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, WebDAV and Yandex Disk, you can easily stream your entire music collection in one place.

This feature-rich media player boasts an array of functionalities:

  • Take control of your audio with the equalizer, enhanced by BassBooster.
  • Choose from over 20 realistic EQ presets to fine-tune your listening experience.
  • Immerse yourself in a visually appealing audio experience with a stylish audio visualizer.
  • Enjoy uninterrupted music playback in the background.
  • Enhance your music library with beautiful album cover art.

Open and View Any Type of Document, Including iWork, MS Office, Music and PDFs

Phone Drive allows you to effortlessly access and view a wide range of document types, such as iWork and MS Office files, as well as music and PDFs. It offers a versatile set of features including document viewing, PDF reading, music playback, image viewing, voice recording, text editing, file management, and comprehensive file operations like deletion, moving, copying, emailing, sharing, zipping, and unzipping.

Furthermore, you have the convenience of connecting to Phone Drive from any Mac or PC on the same WiFi network. This enables seamless file transfers through a simple drag-and-drop interface directly on your web browser.

PDF Viewer Document Reader

Get Started Today!

Download Phone Drive - File Manager now and experience the ultimate solution for managing files on your mobile device. Explore the convenience of managing multiple cloud accounts in a single application, and take advantage of its multimedia player, document viewer, and file operation features.

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