Make your life simple

Unify your digital space with Phone Drive, the ultimate solution to keep all your files in one convenient place. Simplify your life with the seamless organization of documents, multimedia, and more, accessible at your fingertips.

Experience simplicity like never before as Phone Drive empowers you to open any file with ease and share it effortlessly across multiple platforms. Whether it's documents, images, or multimedia, Phone Drive streamlines your file management, making your digital life more straightforward and accessible.

Make your life simple with Phone Drive – where all your files converge into a unified hub, ensuring easy access, efficient organization, and hassle-free sharing across various platforms.

Keep it safe. Keep it secure

Safety Photo+Video Safety Photo+Video

Secure from unauthorized access

Elevate your digital privacy with Safety Photo+Video – your secure haven against unauthorized access. Safeguard your most sensitive media, shielding it from prying eyes with robust security features. Download Safety Photo+Video today and fortify your content against unwanted intrusion, ensuring that your private moments remain truly private. Trust in Safety Photo+Video to provide a secure vault for your most sensitive media, granting you the confidence that your cherished memories are shielded from unauthorized access.

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Your Comprehensive Life Organizer

Transform the way you manage your life with HibiDo – the all-in-one app that goes beyond a simple task reminder. Organize everything in your life seamlessly, combining a to-do list, calendar, and notes into a single, intuitive platform.

With HibiDo, your tasks are more than just reminders; they are part of a holistic life organization tool. Streamline your daily activities, appointments, and thoughts within one app, ensuring that everything you need is easily accessible.

Make HibiDo your go-to solution for comprehensive life organization, where tasks, calendar events, and notes converge into a unified and user-friendly platform. Elevate your productivity and simplify your life with HibiDo – the app that brings harmony to your organizational efforts.

Safety Note+ Safety Note+

Keep it safe. Keep it secure

Keep it safe and secure

Guard your most sensitive notes with Safety Note+, ensuring they remain safe and secure from unauthorized access. Download Safety Note+ today to fortify your privacy and protect your personal thoughts with an added layer of security.

With Safety Note+, enjoy the peace of mind that your confidential notes are shielded from prying eyes. Trust in the app's security features to create a secure haven for your private musings, offering you the confidence that your personal reflections are for your eyes only.

Choose Safety Note+ to keep your thoughts safe and secure, granting you the reassurance that your most sensitive notes are protected within a trustworthy and private space.

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High speed transfer photos & videos with File Sync

Experience the ultimate convenience of fast and easy file transfer with File Sync. Seamlessly transfer photos and videos at high speed, bridging the gap between iOS and desktop devices.

With File Sync, enjoy wireless transfer and synchronization of photos and videos between your iOS device and desktop, all achieved without the need for an internet connection. This innovative feature ensures that your files are effortlessly moved and synchronized, offering a streamlined and efficient transfer process.

Make file synchronization a breeze with File Sync, where high-speed transfers become the norm, and the connection between your iOS device and desktop becomes a seamless and wireless experience. Elevate your file transfer capabilities with File Sync for a smoother and more efficient data exchange.