Organize everything in life

HibiDo is a powerful to-do, task management and note organizer app with seamless cloud synchronization across all your devices.

It’s never been easier to organize your life

Whether there is a work-related task or a personal goal, HibiDo is here to help you manage all your to-dos.

Gather your notes, thoughts, and life's work

Compose any kind of note, from rich text, to Markdown and code. Change the mood and find new inspiration.

All in one place

Manage and organize both tasks and notes in one single app.

Neumorphism user interface that doesn't get in your way​

Neumorphism UI with smooth animation and clean design. Not just how it looks – but also how it works, and how it feels. No more time lost at figuring out what’s what, and where’s where.

Collaboration and share the workload

From family weekend plan to teamwork, share lists and assign tasks on the go. Stay productive together!

Never miss a deadline

Include due date & time information when creating a new task. HibiDo will automatically parse it into a reminder.


Set a reminder to ease your mind off worrying about missing deadlines from now on.


Mark tasks in four priority levels: High Priority, Medium Priority, Low Priority, No Priority.

Dark Mode

Keep focus on your work as long as you need without straining your eyes.


HibiDo is perfect for everything from quick notes to in-depth essays. Advanced markup options are an online writer's best friend.

Auto Sync

Always have a copy of your work on hand wherever you are by auto syncing. Catch an idea or complete task on your phone and finish it later on your tablet.

Keep it all together with HibiDo Today!

Get more focused,  complete more tasks, increase productivity, no more feeling overwhelmed!

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